My mission is to give people a clear understanding of what matters and works when it comes to weight loss, improving health or achieving a performance goal. With so much confusing, misleading advice making a choice on how hit your goals has become a mine field. 


By using an evidence based approach without bias, my aim is to find a method that best fits each individual that I work with to help them achieve long term, lasting goals and equip them with a better understanding of nutrition and exercise.

Heres a little on me and my experience

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer, CrossFit box owner and coach and former competitive Olympic weightlifter for over 11 years. But just as importantly, I am a working mother with a wealth of personal experience of training and nutrition in different ways at different times of life, and a constant desire to keep learning and moving forwards. 

My CV as an athlete and coach is a varied one. Having studied dance, sports massage, sports science and worked in gyms and coached sports teams, it was discovering CrossFit and the importance of nutrition that changed my life and really inspired me to help others change theirs. 

As my career has developed I have broadened my viewpoint, taking a more holistic stance and looking carefully at what a healthy lifestyle really means. My approach incorporates more in the way of healthy habits and stress management, as well as passing on my nutrition and fitness knowledge. 

Nutrition has always played a big role in helping me achieve my personal goals, as well as my clients goals. I have more recently taken a big leap into the nutrition world as a student at MNU, which will qualify me as an MNU certified Nutritionist in November this year.


Since working with Holly, my overall fitness and health has improved so much. I feel better in myself etc etc etc.
— Client name, started working with Holly in XXXX