Slowing the Ageing Process with IF

There is a lot more research being done on the benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF) and it’s effects.

When being asked for advice on nutrition, breakfast is a subject that comes up a lot. Should I skip breakfast, should I eat three meals a day or should I eat 6 small meals. It can get very confusing for people with all the advice (a lot of it very misinformed!) available at the moment.

If you are happy skipping breakfast and you just don’t feel like eating in the mornings then don’t. On the flip side if you feel like you can’t leave the house without food in the mornings then eat.

As long as your habit doesn’t encourage you to over consume calories throughout the rest of the day. There is no evidence to show that skipping breakfast is more beneficial in terms of weight loss than eating breakfast as long as calorie consumption remains correct.

Having said that, if fat loss is your goal, it is usually the people that make the biggest habit changes that see results, mainly because they have become conscious of their habits and so adhere to their new routine better.

There are however a number of studies beginning to show the benefits of IF with regards to the ageing process which are worth reading up on to see if fasting could be worth a try.

And finally just to mention that if you are someone that does fasted cardio in the morning to burn fat. There is no evidence to show that this is any more beneficial than fed cardio in the mornings. It’s the over all calories in vs calories out, energy balance that is most important. Some people even reported that they had a better training session fed and therefore burned more calories.

Hope that’s helpful.

Here is a link to a very useful article on IF "Occasional Fasting could help you age better"